Mindfulness by Skype

Mindful Soothing now provides one to one bespoke Mindfulness sessions tailored to your needs by Skype.
Individual sessions means Mindfulness is available to people who don’t feel comfortable in a group situation. It also means that Mindfulness can be learned in a way that addresses your immediate issues and is therefore more effective than learning in a group situation.
Sessions cost £55 and are 90 minutes long to make sure there is no time pressure and we can comfortably cover what’s important to you. Some people have found their lives turned round after only 2 sessions. Hear this from Les who invested in just 2 sessions.
” Mindfulness for me was an enormous bright beam of light bringing me calmness, kindness and compassion into a frantic world. I apply it to all aspects of my life, including cycling, which is my passion.”

That’s just amazing isn’t it?