Mindfulness for Well-Being in Clitheroe

Week 1 of a new  8 week Mindfulness for Well-Being course tonight at the Swan and Royal Hotel in Clitheroe.

Actually you can join the course at any time because learning Mindfulness doesn’t need to go in a straight line. It’s more an accumulation of learning the techniques, the Mindfulness approach to life and working out how you can get them firmly fixed into your daily life.

We spend quite a bit of time thinking about this last bit because with the best will in the world it’s difficult to keep doing the meditations once the course has finished. If you’ve got lots of different ways of integrating Mindfulness in your daily life, such as using Mindful Walking or Mindful Eating, then it goes a long way towards building a sense of Well-Being.

Welcome if you want to create a much more enjoyable life.

Cost is £160 for the course and arrangements can be made to pay £16 a month over 10 months