One to one

Learning Mindfulness in one to one sessions is great for people who don’t feel comfortable in groups sessions, or live a distance away, or in the time of lockdown.

One to one has the advantage of tailoring the principles and practice of Mindfulness to your own life circumstances, meaning the learning is quicker and the impact is more immediately obvious. It also provides privacy to consider issues you wouldn’t want to discuss in a group.

As learning is more personalised, you may need less sessions than the usual 8 week course. People have experienced profound effects after just two sessions.

Sessions are 90 minutes to allow for a relaxed discussion and learning experience.

£45 per 90 mins session


Mindfulness for me was like an enormous bright beam of light bringing me calmness, kindness and compassion into a frantic world. I apply it to all aspects of my life including cycling which is my passion.


Mindfulness has improved my life in every single way. I feel calmer, happier, more in control and have so much more clarity. The difference has not only been felt by myself but witnessed by those around me. With Mindfulness I am kinder to myself and as a consequence all of my relationships both personally and professionally have flourished. Mindfulness has helped me gain a sense of control that modern life takes from us. I am healthier, happier and more equipped as a result. Mindfulness is the new daily exercise we should all be participating in. It’s free and benefits every aspect of our lives, physically, mentally and emotionally.


I have suffered from clinical depression and anxiety for over twenty years and have lived my life in cycles.  I have tried medication, counselling, and reading positive literature but still the cycle continued.  I can only explain it as living under a cloud.   A friend sent me a link for Mindful Soothing run by Dr Sue Hinder.

I cannot explain the peace that I have found.  I have put all of my energy and focus into living in the moment, allowing myself to enjoy life, changing patterns and relationships.  Allowing myself to enjoy and be happy.  I know I still have moments when my old patterns creep back in.  But I now know the signs.  I do not judge and I allow myself to breath and relax and release those thoughts.

Mindful Soothing has brought happiness back into my life, calmness and the ability to deal with things that would have sent me into a panic six months ago.